Saturday, December 1, 2012

Pizza and Pizookies!

So, this is our first post here.

What's my goal? I'd like to keep track for a year of what we eat -- Julia and I cook a lot, eat a lot, and travel. What a fun way to remember all the stuff we enjoy/experiment with? Also, I love making cocktails, so we're going to be exploring that a little bit more, just to see what happens.

Today was super-duper busy -- the Christmas parade and art fair was this morning, we had to run errands (groceries and dog food).

So, food.

We had breakfast at Dos Salsas -- Julia had migas and I had my favorite breakfast: bacon, beans and potatoes. Then we headed downtown and had an iced coffee.

IMG 0920

For lunch, we shared a gluten free Pizooki from BJ's Brewhouse, and then supper was a quick pepperoni pizza and garlic flatbread that Julia put together.

IMG 0921

My late night snack is going to be... I'm shooting for Fritos with melted cheese and salsa. ;-)

We'll see how that goes. ;-)

Much love, y'all.


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